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Once a Liar by A.F. Brady

Once a liar always a liar, right? I kept asking myself that question as I read A.F. Brady's wonderful thriller about a lawyer and the mysterious death of a significant woman in his life.

Thrillers are one of my favorite genres, but after focusing on thrillers for the entire month of May, I was burnt out. They no longer shocked or surprised me, or seemed to have anything interesting to say about society or culture. But thankfully, Once a Liar was a welcome return to the genre.

In the book, Peter Caine is a successful defense lawyer in New York City, who has made a lot of money defending the indefensible. But in order to achieve his level of success, he has learned to turn off his feelings and emotions, and operate solely on facts and logic. Obviously this has had dire effects on his romantic and familial relationships. But things get more complicated when a significant woman in his life ends up murdered, and his knack for shutting off all sentiment has you questioning other tragedies in his life too.

One thing I find most interesting about Once a Liar is that the author, A.F. Brady, is a psychologist. I think her understanding of human motivation and behavior helped her create believable characters that made the book intriguing and engaging. Plus since the book is written in first person, it was really interesting to read the thoughts and try to understand the motivations of someone so heartless and numb.

Maybe it's because I'm not far enough removed from my month of thrillers, but I did figure out the big twist pretty early on. But that wasn't enough for me to lose interest in the book. Instead, I was more excited to continue reading in order to see how all this would play out. Plus, the ending left me wanting more which isn't a bad thing at all.

Again, this was a welcome return to the genre for me and was just the perfect summer thrill read!

**Huge thanks to Park Row Press and Meryl Moss for the advanced copy!**

Rating: 4/5

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